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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hermann Criteriuim

[Special Note:  I have a "Music Player" gadget, 4th down to the right. You may run audio from it or the video as you see fit by pausing the music player or muting the embedded video. Enjoy!]

Ok, I only have a moment before I have to leave this morning for the 90 mile Hermann Road Race, so I will do a more through analysis later.  In short, I placed 3rd in the tt an 4th in the criterium

Concerning the video:  I somehow lost the finish data (about 5 minutes), but it wasn't terribly fascinating anyhow.  The big deal is that I did get the beginning and then some.  I was also a little unhappy with the very loud clicking that was associated with my pedal cadence.  (I've since discovered that the clicking noise is from the buckle of the camera mount and is preventable by installing a rubber device into the buckle.  The rubber device is provided with the camera.  I just didn't know about how to use it or what it was for.)  I normally don't put music on my race videos, but I decided to delete the video audio and replace with my own musical creation.  I would love to use professional music, but copyright issues disallow this.  Anyhoo, if my music absolutely sucks, I suggest muting my stuff and turning on your own music.

A follow-up post to this one is  called How to High Speed Corner (next in the order of posts)

[Update:  I now have a license to use certain copyrighted songs. Additionally I have added a music player gadget on my sidebar for everyone's listening pleasure.  When watching a video, mute the player or the video otherwise both will play.  You have to be a bit of a DJ on this site. :-)]

Gotta go race!

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  1. I like the music! Cool video!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate your viewage and comment!

  3. I really enjoy this site and the insight it gives about beneficial racing tips. Keep up the good work. Regarding the music, it's quite frustrating for the browser who loads multiple tabs at a time. You can't find which tab is playing - and after a while it starts up again. It really makes me want to leave. You've probably heard it all before, but if you don't care, why are you sharing on the internet. Make a site just for you, and have all the music you want.

  4. Thanks James for the feedback. This is the first I've heard on the subject. I see your point and agree with your assessment.

    I may change the player gadget to play when only a user activates it, instead of being an auto play.

    Currently I love it being auto. It makes my site seem less cold and barren when I happen to review it. When the music pops on it feels like a welcome home greeting.

  5. I buckled under the weight of unbearable peer pressure.

    Actually the player is still there, but it now requires a mouse click for activation.

    I may end up visiting my own site less now. So sad, so sad.

  6. David, How about an article on how to throw your bike. Check out mine for a meager 2nd place on our TnR(Tuesday night Race) in Lakeland Florida.



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