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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hermann Criterium Power data 18April2010

Here's my data from the Hermann Criterium.  It is worthy to note that my speed sensor failed yet again.  I have a wireless Suunto that broadcasts to my SRM control device.  I would estimate that the descent was in the 40 plus mile per hour range.  Average wattage appears to be about 337 (my weight is about 158lbs or 71.67 Kg).  I've decided not to post my time trial wattage in that it is a true measure of what I can and can not do.  But please feel free to guess.

Oh concerning my timetrial....... there was a car stopped in my lane at the turn around!  Needless to say I wasn't happy about that at the time.  I did an ok time trial, but not a great one and I was beaten by both Zack Reed (by 8 seconds) and Austin Allison (by 9 seconds).  According to my SRM data, I stopped pedaling for a total of 16 seconds.  That does not mean that I would have beaten their time, but I definitely would have been closer.  That is certain. 

I hope to try to tear my cranks off at the Tour of St. Louis's  Time Trial this weekend.  Hopefully I'm feeling top notch.  It should be fun!

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1 comment:

  1. I guessing 360W or so, for 25 min??? No need to comment(of course)....Although you could say..higher or lower.



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