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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hermann Road Race/conclusion of Omnium Stage Race

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Hello race fans.  Here's my video of the last stage of the Tour Of Hermann Omnium Stage Race.
Race results are to be found in the below link:

The final stage was a 90 mile Road Race on a very hilly course, with one very very steep section (but short)  Racers could pick and choose individual stages, but must do all three to qualify for the overall prize list, which was by far the majority of the prize.  Individual days only paid four places and very little.  To give you an idea, I made $40 for 3rd place on my TT,  $25 on my 4th place Criterium placement and zero for 6th in the Road Race and $275 for 3rd place overall.  So basically I am absolutely rolling in prize money..... oh I had to split my money with team-mates (I still owe Dan and Jonathan at this time).  Entry fee was something like $95 for all three events.  Happily my entry was free as the current defending MOBAR Champion from last year.  

There is a reason why I am starting with money.  It is important.  It determines many things.  Like whether you will do the race in the first place.  There's fuel, food, possible hotel expenses to consider, and possible lost work wages as well (sucks to be a surgeon, conversely it's probably a  break even scenario  if you're a burger flipper).  Also it determines how hard a person might race, or at least it can for me.  For example:  My bicycle costs over $8,000.  My wheelset alone costs over a $1,000 used.  I decided it wasn't worth wiping out in the last set of turns (turns out finishing one up would have made no difference).  I would have to win several races to pay for destroyed wheels or bike frame.   I have no idea what a doctor bill for an injury might be, but I'm pretty sure it can be considerable.

So money has a push pull effect for me and most cyclists, but clearly it is not the reason for racing at the amateur level.  It's the thrill of the event,  the challenge, the adrenaline, the commradery, and for older riders it's a way to stay young....... oh and a little cash winning never hurt.

I totally got off of the race analysis.  I wanted to point out that because it was a points stage race with bonus points as primes in the criterium it is a little difficult to instinctively know what the hell is going on.  Ethan and I knew the basics.  Austin Allison 1st, Zack Reed 2nd, me third, then Justin M. 4th, and then Ethan 5th overall going into the last day.  We told Dan Miller and Larry Simonson that they could be aggressive early on (they did not do all 3 stages), but not to work in any break with the Overall Top GC Dogfish riders, but otherwise go crazy.

Turns out they did!  They both got in the break.   Dan ended up 4th in Road Race!

You know, I could go on and on about the details of the race, but I think the video is adequate.  I just want to say a few things.  The riders of the Dogfish team are really good riders, but not only that...... they are good sports and people in general.  In particular I have to single out Jim VanDeven for not "gigging me" at Froze Toes Race, and Zack Reed for being so darn friendly.  That dude is fast all around and I've never heard a single bad thing meantioned about him (plus he's not a trash talker) and in my racing circle that is rare (there are certain people who are haters...... you know it's true! LOL)

Speaking of talent....... Austin Allison.  Pro material?  Yep.  19 or 20 years old.  He's just going to get stronger.  I would suggest that he polish his TT skills, climbing power, 5-20 minute power maximums and not work too much on the sprint.  He shouldn't have to sprint too often.

Well, that's somethin' for race commentary.  I think I'll start getting ready for the Tour of St. Louis.

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