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Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Out Sucka!

[Special Note:  I have a "Music Player" gadget, 4th down to the right. You may run audio from it or the video as you see fit by pausing the music player or muting the embedded video. Enjoy!]

Ah yeah, I finally made it out to RockBridge State Park to ride a little mountain bike.  Very little.  It started sprinkling on the way there and I barely shot this video before I had to quit.  I'm racing three races this weekend in Hermann Missouri.  Time trial in the morning and a criterium in the afternoon and I didn't want to slip on a wet rock and injury myself.  I'm actually not very good at mountainbiking and I learned long ago that I have more fitness than bike handling skills in that venue.  I do love getting in a nice groove by myself though.  Sadly,  I have found that when I mountain bike with others it becomes a sort of race and it starts sucking.  In fact, the last time I mountain biked with Ethan,  I clipped a tree with my handlebar and found myself thrown to the ground like one of those calves in a calf roping contest.  My ribs literally hurt for a couple of months.  

Anyway, Rockbridge is fantastic to mountainbike on and I thought a video would be a great way to show you what I mean.  You know what I mean?

Now get on your bikes and ride!

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