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Thursday, May 13, 2010

CBC interviews by Justin Craig

This is a really cool video project the Justin Craig produced. He interviews Huston Snell, Benji Bockting, yours truly (David Henderson), and Dan Miller. This project was for an AV1 class that Justin took at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  I should also mention that Justin is a talented drummer and some of his music is featured in this video from his band, FDR'S Revenge.  All of the on bike perspective video was shot with my GoPro® Helmet Camera HD Hero camera.

I think one noteworthy point about this video is that it shows a range of newer to more experienced riders that this cycling team has that I am on.  That's CBC or Columbia Bicycle Club.

Time limits prevented Justin from showing the teams full diversity.  We have women riders, junior riders, and all sorts of levels of ability and areas of focus on cycling activities.

Probably the most important point concerning this video for me personally is that cycling isn't just about the bike.  It's really about the PEOPLE who bike.  Everyone is unique and has an interesting tale to tell.

I really need to try adopt this type of philosophy into my video blog content.  I think it's fabulous!

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