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Monday, June 7, 2010

One of the cooliest places that I have ever biked

[Special Note:  I have a "Music Player" gadget, 4th down to the right. You may run audio from it or the video as you see fit by pausing the music player or muting the embedded video. Enjoy!]

This is one of the coolest places that I have ridden.  It's at St. Joe State Park.   It's used by the locals for swimming, off road motor sports, picnicking camping, walking, running and most importantly biking.  My favorite feature is (of course) the eleven mile paved biking (and foot traffic) trail that runs through the Missouri wilderness and parts of the sand flats.

This trail is not heavily used and generally I don't see other cyclists.  Typically I will see a few walkers at the first mile of the trail and then nothing but trail and occasionally deer and turkey.

Incidentally,  my childhood home is only a couple of miles away from this Park. 

If anyone is down in the Farmington area they should consider a leisurely bike ride at St. Joe Park.  It is very nice.

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