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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Street Sprints and Drag Queens

Sometimes bike racing shouldn't be taken too seriously.

I was talked into participating in the Street Sprints at the "Tour de Grove" by my friend Cory Redmond (pictured right).  I wasn't going to, but how could anyone say no to Cory.

Anyway, it was totally fun.  It was Cory's first street sprints and she was like a little kid.   

And she did well to boot.

Super happy.

So I bumped into my favorite Drag Queen, Tim Ranek.  I'm 99.9% sure he's straight, but this could be evidence against (just saying).

I did the street sprints dressed as pictured and placed top 1/3 of the sprinters.  (I had crashed just a few hours earlier)

Basically it was all about the fun.  Maybe next year I can get a win in the Drag Queen division.  I'm pretty sure that Cory would loan me one of her dresses.

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