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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour de Grove

[Special Note:  I have a "Music Player" gadget, 4th down to the right. You may run audio from it or the video as you see fit by pausing the music player or muting the embedded video. Enjoy!]

I've finally finished editing my Tour de Grove race video.  This one took some time for several reasons.  One, I had to finish the race the day before this one.  Two this race was very long (scheduled 89miles) and so was the video footage.  I have almost 5 hours of footage if you count the front and back together.  Additionally I had some technical problems to deal with.  My front camera fell off my bike while racing.  Actually the camera stayed mounted to my SRM device, and the SRM device fell off (which is even worse).  My camera/SRM device was happily recovered.  The SRM device is fully operational and the camera did have a badly scratched lense (which is replaceable for only $20).  I did lose one video file (related to the fall/impact or the camera).  It recorded, but won't open with my current software. 

I didn't finish with the main group, which I find to be a bummer.  Not only does it mean not placing well, but it means I don't have finishing video.  So, in order to account for this I tried something new.  I used photos taken by Paul Pate to tell the complete story of the race.  I personally feel that it is FANTASTIC!  I sooooo appreciate that Paul took these photos for many reasons.  Not only are the photos great, but they collectively tell the story of the race.  And of course they fill in for my missing video.  Thank you sooo much Paul.  Great Job!!!!

Now a little about the race:  This was a Professional and category one Bicycle race.  This was also the biggest money race in Missouri this year ($25,000 cash & prizes).  The turn out (both competitors & spectators) was low.  The competitors was low because this was a first year race and another NRC (National Racing Calendar) was scheduled on the same day in a different part of the country.  The spectators was probably low due to the weather....... 93 degrees which turned into a heavy rain storm during the race.  Still it was very well operated.

There are two things I want to mention about this race.  One is my poor cornering.  I had slide-out in a wet turn the day before and also slide out on dry turn the week before that.  Both crashes surprised me.  I didn't see them coming.  My skin hadn't fully regenerated for this race (still stinging in fact).  At any rate, this temporarily killed my confidence for the high speed cornering required of this race, and I suffered as a result.

I was still hanging on.  The final two nails in my coffin were almost concurrent.  It started to rain and I was already spooked in the turns and then I noticed that my front camera and SRM device had fallen off my bicycle.  The combined replacement for these items is about $1000.  That was it.  I fell off the pace and began searching for my equipment as I rode around the course in the driving rain.

That leads me to my second thing.  As I was riding (sometimes hard) around the course in the rain by myself during the closing laps I had an unique experience.  Spottedly around the course from under umbrellas, and doorways of buildings I heard shouts of encouragement.  This really surprised me.  I was basically out of it.  I was just trying to find my stuff and finish the race.  I thought I was completely unnoticed.  These race fans were genuine and sincere.  I really didn't think I deserved their support, yet some of the things they said really hit me in the heart.  I really really appreciate that.

Thanks all, and happy biking!

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  1. Nothing to do with your post but about the HD Hero. When mounting, do you mount it to the front stem? Does this take an additional mounting piece? Can the camera be mounted without first placing in the waterproof casing?

    I have been thinking of getting one...more for safety sakes so I have evidence of the lunatic car drivers who occasionally get crazy and if they cause a crash.

  2. Mike: The handlebar/seat post mount will attach to the handlebar or a standard stem. The HD Hero camera comes with a waterproof case that can go up to 160ft underwater. The camera case also includes a replaceable back door with cut outs that allow pretty good sound recording. On the video above I used the waterproof case because I thought rain was possible (it poured). Sound will record through the closed case, but it is muffled. There are several other mounts including a chest mount and helmet mount, even a wrist mount, etc.

  3. So the camera can be mounted to the stem without the waterproof case with the special mount? I looked at one in the store yesterday and it feels much smaller and lighter without the case so that would be preferable.

  4. Mike the camera will most definitely operate without it's case, but realistically not on a moving bicycle. The case is two fold.... 1)protection from elements and droppage, and 2) it allows nearly unlimited mounting applications. (I'm not kidding on that last part) There are suction cup mounts, quick release mounts, camera stand mounts, adhesive mounts, helment mounts, strap mounts, chest mounts, bar mounts, etc. If you are clever, you can create your own special mounts.



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