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Friday, July 2, 2010

Best Video Card to Record on

What is the best SDHC card to use for the HD Hero camera?  Answer:  Kingston class 4 SDHC is the best that I have tested and the best price.

I tested a Kingston SDHC class 4, 32GB card vs a SanDisk Extreme SDHC  class 10, 8GB card using identical cameras under the exact same conditions.

I tested both low light and normal lighting on a cloudless day at Rockbridge State Park.   I rode some very bumpy sections to try to produce "extreme conditions".

GoPro recommends using at least a class 4 card.  Early on I used a class 2 card (not knowing better) during cold temperatures (7 degrees above zero) and one of my files was corrupted.

GoPro sells the Kingston card and it is the best price that I have found for that brand with a 32GB memory for $99.  The SanDisk class 10 card cost $79.99 and only had 8GB memory.  In my opinion, the SanDisk did not produce as good an image as the Kingston card did.

I recommend the Kingston from GoPro.  You can of course buy this and any GoPro product by clicking the HD Hero links at the top and side of my blog.

Below is some responses to my video that is valuable:

Erm - you don't really try to tell me the IMAGE QUALITY was affected by the type of sd card? If there were drop outs or broken / aborted recordings you might blame the sd card. But a sd card can not affect the image quality.
Thanks philfieger, I wish that you were one of the sales persons at Best Buy who could have told me this when I questioned them.  Also I wish you could have put this information on the packaging of the product that I purchased.   

The SanDisk Extreme SDHC  Card packaging says that, "SanDisk proprietary Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing (ESP) technology delivers extreme performance ideal for continuous burst shooting, high definition video, and faster data transfer to computer" .  Also on the front of the packaging is, "Extreme performance for extreme conditions".

I thought that violent jarring/bouncing/shaking of the camera caused from  the terrain would qualify for extreme conditions.  As far as I know now, only high and low temperatures qualify for extreme conditions. 

How could I have made this mistake?  I must be a complete moron.  

Below is some additional information of correction for myself and whoever needs it.

To learn about the best video camera in the world for videoing cycling (which is the cameras that I use for my videos) click here. 

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