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Friday, July 2, 2010

How many ways might I mount the..........

custom mount under handle bars
use of metal hanger and rubber bands for stabilization on multiple extensions (custom set up)

seat post mount
chest mount

head harness mount
head harness mount

suction mount
adhesive mounts etc.
tripod mount
vented helmet mount
view of quick release mount

There are a plethora of ways to mount a Hero HD camera.  For road racing I am currently using the method shown here.  Only the front has a few add-ons.  I added a highly bent coat hanger to provide additional support for the diagonal arm that extends from it's mount between the headset and the stem (around a carbon washer).  The hanger is secured to the handlebars with electrical tape.  This brace adds more security and reduces slight bouncing of the camera during road shock.  Additionally, I have added some rubber bands to provide some downward pull.  I have found that the more secure the camera is, the better the video quality.

The mounts shown above include the handlebar seat post mount ($19.99 the links are my video example of the preceding mount), the suction cup mount ($29.99), the head strap mount ($14.99), the chest mount harness ($39.99), the tripod mount ($7.99), the vented helmet strap mount ($14.99), and the grab bag of mounts ($19.99)

If a person is creative, they can create their own mount from these parts and numerous building materials.  In particular the adhesive mounts can be turned into screw/bolt mounts.  The tripod mount can be adapted to mount to unlimited objects with bolt and clamp systems. 

It should be noted that several of these mounts incorporates a quick release buckle.  This is of course very handy to move about the camera.  I found that these buckles produce clicking noises on the audio.  This can be prevented by applying a small shim in the buckle.    I've read that applying electrical tape to the buckle prior to connection also works.  The video does not seem to be affected by these micro movements.

I can also tell you that the adhesive mounts work extremely well on a smooth clean surface.  I did several races in the rain and the adhesive was unaffected.

If anyone has any questions, send 'em my way and I will try to answer them.  I hope this is helpful to those who requested info on camera mounts. The HD Hero Camera can be purchased for $299 from the manufacturer by clicking on the "Get Yours" button on the ads at the top and right of this blog.

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  1. Hi,
    What kit did you make/buy to get the seat post mount?

    1. Hi Andrew, the Handlebar Seatpost/pole mount was included with my standard kit or it can be added to the surf kit (or any kit) for $19.99 I believe.



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