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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ozark Mountain Highroad Time Trial

approximate location of the time trial

Note:  the below video has music embedded in it that was created by me.  It is neither the worst or the best.  Because of copyright laws I can not embed cool copyrighted music, so this was the best that I could do. That was until now.  Sorta.  On this blog you can click the sound icon on the control panel of my video and mute it.  Then select one of the cool copyrighted tunes from my ipod gadget that I have embedded on the right side of the blog.  It is extremely cool and the price is right....... free.  Enjoy!
Here's my video clip that shows the time trial course using Google Earth.  It gives the perspective that the course was indeed hilly, but unless you ride it, you can't fully appreciate it's undulations.  My maximum speed was 50.9 miles per hour.  Over all my average speed was 25mph over the 14 mile out and back course.  My average wattage was 297 which includes averaging in my zero wattages (or coasting).  Basically once a bike is going over 40mph down a hill pedaling is of no real value other than soft pedaling in order to keep the legs loose.  I'm going to guess my normalized power would be around 355 or so.

Oh, I almost left out a critical point.  It was damn hot.  Around 96 degrees.  My chart below shows a  standing radiant temperature of 108.7 degrees.  Once I started riding it dropped to around 98 or so.   

I placed 2nd to Brad Huff (pro rider for team Jelly Belly) who put 20 seconds on me.   The results are here.

standard tt position
Turning around

climbing perspective
nearing the finish

 Lastly I am adding a short audio clip that is to serve as a warning to all who travel with and sleep anywhere within 30 meters of my teammate (and all around good sport) Benji Bockting.  Luckily for me I was able to find my earplugs after a wake up call.

I really don't want everyone who reads this blog to think that Benji is just a snorer.  Oh he is soooo much more than that.  I can tell you personally that he does a mean interpretation of James Brown.

Here's what the Benji has to say on the topic:

"just to put it simple there is only one me.
i consider myself a unique mix of rural and urban landscapes. i may have a more urban sense of style but i see more cows and other types of livestock in a week than most "cowboys" do all year.
since i rode my bicycle nearly 3000 this year i have a lot of time to think and ponder the realities of life what is in it, what it can become. this may seem strange to many people but my riding has opened my eyes to the world and wondrous beauty of nature and what a perfect world we live (if we don't mess it up)

and yes i like sheep. ok, some people are into music some are into art some into sports my true meaning of life is with the sheep it is just what i do(in a nonsexual way) this is my calling and they will always be a part of me.

just remember there is more to me than meets the eye.

there are a few things that annoy me in this world and they are: driving vehicles short distances, wasting energy, not questioning authority, people that are hateful to cyclist, people who litter, SUV's, rednecks, ignorance, "clean" humor (aka corny crap that is just stupid), people who call lawn mowers tractors, and rodeo.

eat locally produced beef, lamb goat, pasture-raised
poultry and any other food that you consume and keep your dollars within your communities and support the local farmer this will benefit you and your family."

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  1. what was your average wattage for the last hill to the finish?
    mine was 430 cuz I was chasing Butthead and Tracy.

  2. My last 4 /12 minutes I averaged 350 watts. I think I was experiencing a heat meltdown. I couldn't make myself go any harder at the end.

    Good job on winning both the time trial and the criterium the next day.

    Brad Huff = winner.

  3. HAHA, loved the audio recording of Benji... I had that same problem with a Mizzou teammate before the Tour of Hermann this year, and the snoring only allowed me about 3-4 hours of sleep before the TT. I kindly asked him to try sleeping on his side/stomach the next night if it wasn't too much trouble, lol.

    Great job on the TT, given that you had an average speed of "only" 25 mph, it must've been really tough with all the hills and the heat.



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