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Monday, July 19, 2010

Wildwood Time Trial

Here's my watt data from the 20 kilometer time trial on July 17, 2010.  Race RESULTS.

This course was near Babler State Park in St. Louis area.  10k out and back on a VERY snaking road with two true turns separated by a few hundred meters (guessing) and a railroad track near the first.  Over all the road was slightly uphill going out and had a slight headwind as well.  

Here's some of the stats:  19.248 Kilometer in 25minutes 6 seconds, average speed 28.59, average watts 341.6, 514.5 Kj of energy spent, max speed 34.9, max watts 580, the air temperature was in the mid 80's.

Notable points:  My measured distance was 19.248 kilometers on a described 20kilometer course.  I suspect this difference is largely due to my straightening out of the course.  This was a VERY snaking course and by taking straight lines (as opposed to riding parallel to the center line)a rider can significantly shorten the distance of a course and thereby create a faster time.  I rarely, if ever, left my lane to straighten out the course..... it just wasn't safe enough.  The roads turned so much that they frequently disappeared behind trees.  I rode very controlled near my threshold.  This allowed me to have a strong finish.

I didn't video my time trial because I thought it would be boring and I was going to video the circuit race the following day.  I regret this for two reasons.  One the circuit race was canceled due to heavy rains.  The park ranger didn't want the the grass field to get torn up from vehicles parking there (legitimate).  But I especially wished I had a camera to show you the point on my return where I shot between two cars while time trialing.  A state trooper had stopped a car in my lane and just as I was in the process of passing the vehicle in my lane, an on-coming car car meet me at the exact point that I passing the stationary vehicle (with a trooper at the driver's side window.  I dropped my speed from 30mph to about 23mph.  It was still an extremely uncomfortable experience.  I wish I had video that showed the facial expression of the state trooper. 

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