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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mountain Bike Fail

Usually I post my video first and then put the write up after.  I think in this case a viewer would be slightly  better off reading this build-up first. 

The following video is actually not serious at all, but is meant to be humorous.  I admit it's not Jim Carey funny, but more like David Henderson funny.  Of course I'm not paid as much as Jim and this video may explain why.

At any-rate, it is important for my viewers to know that I am trying to be serious and that I am trying to stay focused to accomplish my goal of climbing a steepish rocky climb that's a bit difficult.

In my defense something distracted me.  Damn it! 

This is so embarrassing!

[ Special Note:  I have a "Music Player" gadget, 4th down to the right. You may run audio from it or the video as you see fit by pausing the music player or muting the embedded video. Enjoy!]

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