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Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Epic Bike Ride

I have found that pretty much all trips with my two daughters tend to be somehow (or at least feel) epic. 

The above video pretty much illustrates this and at the same time, sticks to the theme of this blog........ bicycles and my world from it.

The below video is the same video, but in 3-D.  So grab your special glasses and check it out. 

Here's a couple of video editing points that I think is worth sharing.  The first of which is that  that Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (the software I use) has a substantial music library and also contains special software that edits the music to the exact length that the user requires.

Actually the music software is created by "Smart Sound" which has existed for 10 years or so.   Many different video editing software products use their technology.  APE8 comes with it and has about 26 royalty-free musical selections.  There are literally thousands of other musical compositions available from "Smart Sound's" library for purchase from the internet.

It's pretty amazing really.   The only slight negative is that you have to pay a fee for a tutorial to learn about how to use the "Smart Sound" on the video editing software that I use.

Below is a few images that show how to find and open "Smart Sound" for adding cool, customized musical compositions to your videos.
Simply click "Click here to select music" and then pick one of the 26 different compositions that comes with the software or order something off the internet library ($14.95 per track).  Then you can customize the composition in the "SmartSound Quicktracks".  Each composition has several variations (depending on the length you select, also the variations are quite different) and you can preview/listen to them before you select.

A simple click and POW! the music lands exactly where the time-line indicator is positioned. 

The video software that I choose to produce a 3D video with is Roxio 2011.  It can apparently produce several variations of 3D rendering that is viewable with different 3D viewable sources.

Below is an image of the screen where the 3D source selection is made.
This software also boasts stabilizing capabilities for editing shaky video footage.  I tested it and was not impressed.  It certainly works to some degree, but my shakiest footage did not fully correct.  In fact, I would estimate a half-assed job.  

Technically I could fix the shaky footage myself by arranging each individual frame and then cropping the final product to clean up the perimeter, but this would take a DAMN LONG TIME!  

I have been alerted to some software that will do it and it is supposedly free, but I can not imagine why it would be free.  I'm to nervous to download such an item.  

My dad told me years ago that if something sounds to be too good to be true, then it probably is.   

I also have a video tutorial and blog post about editing with Adobe Premiere Elements 8 here.

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