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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time lapse from bicycle

I'm just finally using one of the cool features on my GoProCamera HD Hero.  Namely the time lapse photography mode of the camera.

I find it fun to experiment with.  It's as if I have a new camera again.

I think this format would be cool to quickly showcase an area or capture some interesting scenes such as a sunset, rapid weather scenarios, low tide/high tide, etc.

I look forward to experimenting. 

The above video was shot with the settings of photo ever 2 second mode and mounted to the handlebars of my mountain bike.  I rendered the video at 7 frames per second.

I rode at a fairly slow pace of maybe 5-7 mph along the MKT trail in Columbia Missouri and traveled through campus and ended in front of a water display and tiger sculpture at the Mel Carnahan Quadrangle.

Below is a video produced by some students from the University of Missouri that briefly discusses some of the history of many of the buildings that I passed by in my time lapse video.  

 The below video isn't time lapse, but it was made by me.

I must say, that I find the campus to be beautiful. 

The campus has seen tremendous improvements over the last decade.  Averaging about 100 million dollars per year in improvements, or 1 billion dollars total.  Not too shabby.

Of course all of these improvements where done after I graduated :-( 

The forward aft camera perspective gives a unique mobile view of  parts of the campus.

The music is Beethoven (btw). 
Symphony # 7 in A major, OP 92 II. Allegato , Artist: Philharmonic Cassanova



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